026 – Okay, we can relax. The D is back and the world did not collapse on itself.

Tenacious D ‘To Be the Best’ by Jeremy Konner

Directed by Jeremy Konner

Produced by Partizan

Producers: Melissa Larsen, Courtney Davies, Wendy Zehder
Executive Producer: Jeff Pantaleo
Director of Photography: Logan Schneider
Production Designer: Max Orgell
Editor: James Atkinson
Director’s Rep: Nicole O’Connell
Video Commissioner: Bryan Younce
Label: Columbia


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025 – Revenge

I love the simplicity of this little series. They make me want to shoot some fun experimental stuff just for the hell of it. I think I will.

Produced by Blink. An awesome UK production company.

021 – Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know – So FUN!

More from CANADA. This video for 2 Door Cinema Club is super fun, as is the song. Check it out.

Para Two Door Cinema Club, de su álbum Tourist History, editado por Kitsuné.
Dirigido por Lope Serrano.
Producido por Alba Barneda y Òscar Romagosa.
Fotografía de Marc Gómez del Moral. (marcgomezdelmoral.com)
Coreografía de Tuixén Benet. (lesfillesfollen.blogspot.com)
Dirección de arte de Roger Bellés (rogerbelles.com) y Montse Roa.
Vestuario de Xènia Gasull.
Maquillaje de Gina Ros y Javier Ceferino.

020 – Birdie – 1901 cover – The song doesn’t seem sad when Phoenix performs it, but..

Before I get deep into my Homage to the super fun directing collective CANADA over the next few days, I thought I’d share this – A gorgeous song, and a sad video.

Who knew that Phoenix was writing about heartbreak? The original is so upbeat and poppy, but when you listen, as I should have originally. It’s pretty intense.


Directed by Nez

Nez’s new video for talented internet sensation Birdy is a stirring story of love and heartbreak, and it’s guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye.
A very stylish couple’s relationship breaks down to Birdy’s moving rendition of “1901″, before everything is patched up in a rather modern way.
The video was shot on London’s famous Brick Lane, and thanks to Nez’s talent for making everything look stunning, London looks more beautiful than ever.

019 – Battles – Ice Cream – Dissonant, wild, stylish.

Just love the all out weirdness of this one. The dissonant imagery matches perfectly with the dissonant music of Battles. So great. The more I watch it, the more I start adding a story to it.. even though it’s frenetic and all over the place. Love the last shot of the dog.

I really enjoy the work of CANADA the team that did this. I’ll post a few more videos from them in the days to come.


Video para el primer single de Gloss Drop, editado por Warp.


Dirigido y Producido por CANADA para PARTIZAN London.
Producción Ejecutiva CANADA: Oscar Romagosa
Producción Ejecutiva PARTIZAN: Sasha Nixon
Jefa de Producción: Alba Barneda
Fotografía: Marc Gómez del Moral y Pau Castejón
Arte: Roger Bellés
Vestuario: Xènia Gasull
Maquillaje: Gina Ros