048 – The Presets – Ghosts

I finally just downloaded the new album from The Presets and needless to say it’s amazing. This song Ghosts is gorgeous. It’s dark, sad, and powerful. I love his voice and how he uses it in a slightly different way on the track.


Director: Abteen Bagheri
DP: Isaac Bauman
Producer: Tash Tan
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Facilitating Line Producer: Jules Bayliss
Editor: Leila Sarraf at Trim
1st AD: John Clabburn
1st AC: Alexis Castagna
Stylist: Georgia Ashdown
Hair/Makeup: Andrew Bagala
Gaffer: Storm Ashwood
Key Grip: Geoffrey Full
VFX: Arthur Chance
SFX: Ben Bell
Telecine: James Bamford / Luke Morrison at The Mill
Commissioner: Glen Goetze
DIT: Daniel Richardson
Playback: Peter Kraft
PA’s: Hayden Anderson, Alex Ditsas, Celia Yu
Divers: Dean Ross, Luke Anderson, Esther Qin, Tamara Ambrose, Christian Holman, Louise Poole, Genevieve de la Motte, Nick Jeffree, Will Jeffree, Josh Chapman, Matthew Lang, Nicholas Dungan


Shot in Sydney, Australia.


047 – Dirty Laundry – The Punisher

Damn. If you ever liked the Punisher comic books this is the closest I’ve ever seen to an accurate portrayal of the character. Not for the faint of heart.. there’s blood. I’ve been so disappointed with the portrayals of Frank Castle on film, and clearly so was Thomas Jane, who actually played him in a big screen version. He went out and made this to show how amazing it could be done right. Needless to say, I was a huge fan and I think this is amazing.


Question: What’s the difference between justice and punishment? #DIRTYLAUNDRY

Follow the Dialogue:

“I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.” — Thomas Jane


046 – KHSLive Behind the Scenes

Wanna see me on camera. Check this one out. This is a behind the scenes video for a live streaming youtube event that I’m directing tomorrow. It’s going to be fun and hectic. If you’re at all interested the info is below. The performers are youtube stars and everything will be acoustic and pretty funky. It’s only an hour (2-3 PM) and you can watch it knowing that every time the camera changes angle, or anything happened I just told them to do it. Pretty crazy. Such an awesome team on this, that’s been working so hard to get everything perfect.


Don’t miss KHS Live! with digiconlive on NOVEMBER 17TH AT 2PM PST right here on, featuring Kurt Schneider, Megan Nicole, Max Schneider and Sam Tsui!

Thanks to Kurt Hugo Schneider and Daniel Rosen for including me in this project.


046 – GoPro HERO3: Black Edition – Epic Fun

I can’t help posting these GoPro videos. This is the second one I’ve put up here, but nothing makes me want to go explore the world more than this. They have perfected the art of making the skater, surfer, biker, motorcyle rider, artist, filmmaker in me go utterly nuts.

Plus the song’s pretty great too.


Shot 100% on the new HERO3® camera from ‪

The Wi-Fi enabled HERO3: Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro, ever. No expense was spared during its development, resulting in a GoPro that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter & 2X more powerful than previous models. New resolutions and frame-rates include 4Kp 15, 2.7kp 30, 1080p 60, 1440p 48, 960p 100, 720p 120 and 12MP burst photo capture at 30 fps. Yes, for real.

Sit back and enjoy the HERO3: Black Edition in all its glory. #GoPro

(GoPro HERO3 Edit)From the upcoming EP “After Hours”

Download the song FREE here:

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