049 – DJ Shadow – Listen

I always love this effect, but I think this is one of the most beautiful versions of it I’ve ever seen. Plus, the amount of time and dedication necessary to stop motion animate these dancers is impressive. The lighting is gorgeous, and the song fits perfectly. It’s a good watch.


Directed by Franck Trebillac
Production company: Soup Factory
Executive producer: Andy Soup
Producer: Dulcie Kellett
Production manager: Jade Bogue
Director’s rep: Ali McNally
DOP: Marc Broussely
Camera operators: Marc Broussely, Ben Marshall, Steve Santa Cruz, Tim Craig
Editor & post prod: Franck Trebillac
Dancers & choreography: Jenney Surelia, Cristian Petitto
Make-up artist: Jacqui McElroy
Stylist: Violetta Thalia
Commissioner: Chris Scott
Record label: Island Records

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