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057 – Underwear by FM Belfast (Music Video)

Love this crazy video. It’s a few years old, so i’m not the first to notice it. I don’t care. It’s ridiculous. It  has an interesting combination of fun, and melancholy. The fact that these folks are alone, in the dark, going nuts dancing is sort of unsettling.. then again, it’s not like I’ve never danced around my house alone.

more info:

Directed by: DANIELS (Daniel Scheinert & Dan Kwan)

Camera: Douglas Burgdorff

Starring: ani raya-flores, daniel scheinert, james mackey, daniel kwan, and marilyn heidecker.


056 – Django Django – WOR

I stumbled across this video a couple months ago, but forgot to post. It’s thrilling, fun, and horrifying all at the same time. It does a gorgeous job of capturing a tiny cross section of Allahabad culture. It almost has a Wes Anderson feel to it, but doc. Really fun. It’s also a really great idea for a music video. Definitely a different take on the concept.


Mercury music prize nominees Django Django became obsessed by the infamous Indian Well of Death riders in Allahabad. So, naturally, they asked Noisey if we’d be up for travelling over to India and standing right in the middle of large lumps of precariously speeding metal for a day, to film a video for their track “Wor”. We happily obliged, getting our shoes stolen in the process, but it was worth it to meet a bunch of guys with the most rock solid testicles we’ve ever come across.

Buy the Album:

Django Django – “Wor”
(p) and (c) 2012 Because Music
Directed by Jim Demuth, based on an original concept by Vincent Neff.

Exec Producer Jane Third
Supervising Producer Alex Hoffman
Producer Posy Dixon
Director Jim Demuth
Editor Iain Pettifer
Associate Producer Ruchi Bhimani
Colourist Chris Rodgers (Splice Post Production)
Production Manager Bree Horn
Production Coordinator Zoey Roberts


Selected for Mountain Film Festival -



055 – Portrait of a Sound Design Artist

These guys are some of the unsung heroes of filmmaking. They’re the ones that make our stories have tension, flow, energy, fear, love. Without sound, film would be nothing. Even before we put sound on the reels, we used an orchestra, an organ, a piano, a man with a sheet of metal, or whatever else was at hand. Film was not and is not a silent medium. Enjoy.


Ali Lacey is an eccentric sound design artist, and this short portrait allows us a closer look into the world of sound design. Behind-the-scenes blog:

Directed, Shot and Edited by Josh Bennett -
Music and Sound Design by Ali Lacey -
Check out his latest sample library -

Filmed at Stylee Studios in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales.

Produced by Storm+Shelter


054 – Adam Magyar – Stainless, 42 Street (excerpt)

My awesome filmmaking partner Brent Bishop just sent me this. It’s so gorgeous. Super high speed cinema. The guy who shoots this stuff seems like an impressive fella. He builds the rigs himself and shoots beautiful stills and motion. Pretty amazing stuff. 

High speed video recording in NYC at Grand Central station. full video: 10min. 49sec. 720p 50fps.

To learn more about this amazing artwork, go to:

To read about his process go to:



052 – official music video FAUL – “CHANGES”

This just looks like fun to shoot, make, be in. Oh to be one of these kids. The track makes me wanna dance. Gonna play it next time I dj.


051 – Handcrafted Modern Europe: At Home with MidCentury Designers

Hey everyone. I recently helped out on this Kickstarter campaign. Leslie Williamson is an amazing photographer and writer, and her project documenting the homes of MidCentury Architects and Designers is truly important. Check out the video I shot for her, and definitely support the project. Creating books is such a hard thing to do these days, and writers need all of our support. Without our help the gorgeous homes of these great artists will be lost forever. Thanks for watching!


Handcrafted Modern Europe: At Home with Midcentury Designers is the working title for a new book with all original photography of the homes and studios of thirteen of the most notable European architects and designers of the Mid Twentieth Century. I see homes as a portrait of their inhabitants, so I photograph each space with an eye not only to the architecture, design and wide views of the rooms, but also the small quiet moments that reveal these creative people’s character. Some homes are well known house museums, like Alvar Aalto’s house in Helsinki, Finland. Others are homes that have been kept in tact by the family who has inherited the house, like Bruno Mathsson’s home in Varnamo, Sweden, and still others are inhabited by the designer themselves, like Gae Aulenti’s apartment in Milan, Italy. In the interest of keeping some of the designers and architects under wraps until publication, I am only sharing a few of the houses here. But you can look at my blog ( from April thru September of 2012 and get a heck of a lot of hints!

The beautiful music you hear is Cowgirl from Torey’s Distraction by the Album Leaf. If you aren’t familiar with them, treat yourself to a longer listen.


050 – Monarchy & Dita Von Teese – Disintegration

The photography of this video is simply gorgeous. I love the hyper real look. Plus, the song is pretty banging. Finally, the story is dark, intense, and involves a mosquito having sex with Vita Don Deese’s arm. Need I say more?


Director: Roy Raz
DoP: Roman Linetsky
Set Designer & Visual Consept: Samuel David Ben Shalom
Editor: Ornit Levy
CG & VFX: Gravity
Creative Director and VFX supervisor: Asaf Yeger , Gravity
Head of Art & Design: Israel Breslev, Gravity
Head of 3D & Online: Yoav Savaryego,Gravity
2D Animation: Yosi Lagzeal
Production: “We Do Production”
Producer: Hamutal Peles
Executive Producer: Yuli Urbakh
Hair & Make Up: Eran Pal
Styling: Gustavo Matias Franco
Choreographer: Tamir Eting
Husband: Angel Bonanni (for ADD Content Agency)
Voiceover intro: Eric Szmanda


049 – DJ Shadow – Listen

I always love this effect, but I think this is one of the most beautiful versions of it I’ve ever seen. Plus, the amount of time and dedication necessary to stop motion animate these dancers is impressive. The lighting is gorgeous, and the song fits perfectly. It’s a good watch.


Directed by Franck Trebillac
Production company: Soup Factory
Executive producer: Andy Soup
Producer: Dulcie Kellett
Production manager: Jade Bogue
Director’s rep: Ali McNally
DOP: Marc Broussely
Camera operators: Marc Broussely, Ben Marshall, Steve Santa Cruz, Tim Craig
Editor & post prod: Franck Trebillac
Dancers & choreography: Jenney Surelia, Cristian Petitto
Make-up artist: Jacqui McElroy
Stylist: Violetta Thalia
Commissioner: Chris Scott
Record label: Island Records


048 – The Presets – Ghosts

I finally just downloaded the new album from The Presets and needless to say it’s amazing. This song Ghosts is gorgeous. It’s dark, sad, and powerful. I love his voice and how he uses it in a slightly different way on the track.


Director: Abteen Bagheri
DP: Isaac Bauman
Producer: Tash Tan
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Facilitating Line Producer: Jules Bayliss
Editor: Leila Sarraf at Trim
1st AD: John Clabburn
1st AC: Alexis Castagna
Stylist: Georgia Ashdown
Hair/Makeup: Andrew Bagala
Gaffer: Storm Ashwood
Key Grip: Geoffrey Full
VFX: Arthur Chance
SFX: Ben Bell
Telecine: James Bamford / Luke Morrison at The Mill
Commissioner: Glen Goetze
DIT: Daniel Richardson
Playback: Peter Kraft
PA’s: Hayden Anderson, Alex Ditsas, Celia Yu
Divers: Dean Ross, Luke Anderson, Esther Qin, Tamara Ambrose, Christian Holman, Louise Poole, Genevieve de la Motte, Nick Jeffree, Will Jeffree, Josh Chapman, Matthew Lang, Nicholas Dungan


Shot in Sydney, Australia.


047 – Dirty Laundry – The Punisher

Damn. If you ever liked the Punisher comic books this is the closest I’ve ever seen to an accurate portrayal of the character. Not for the faint of heart.. there’s blood. I’ve been so disappointed with the portrayals of Frank Castle on film, and clearly so was Thomas Jane, who actually played him in a big screen version. He went out and made this to show how amazing it could be done right. Needless to say, I was a huge fan and I think this is amazing.


Question: What’s the difference between justice and punishment? #DIRTYLAUNDRY

Follow the Dialogue:

“I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.” — Thomas Jane

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